What Our Clients Are Saying

“He did a wonderful job quickly and safely! Thanks so much!”
Jessica N. – August 2019

“Love my apartment and my landlord.”
Velma W. – August 2019

“Very quick response and service as usual! Your service men are the best!”
Evelyn S. – August 2019

“He was very nice and finished on time with no problems.”
Kathy O. – August 2019

“Samantha has made the move in process very easy. Any issues that I had at move in were resolved within the same day”
Indasha F. – July 2019

“AC Broke on Saturday while it was very hot and was fixed the very next day on Sunday. Good Job Tiffany! Mike was awesome! I am very happy with the service.” Staneco S.
– July 2019

“The maintenance requests are always done in a timely manner and the staff is always pleasant and helpful. Very professional.”
– Norma D. – June 2019

“I really appreciate that Tiffany was really nice & helpful with everything & the move in was really nice & I just really love this house. Thank You very much.”
Tia M. – June 2019

“The maintenance man was very respectful, friendly, and efficient. He completed the tasks in a timely manner, and was still able to carry on a conversation with us. He did a great job!”
~ Ashley N in 5/2019

“Ultimate Realty maintenance guy is the most proficient and respectful and very professional that I know. We truly appreciate him and Ultimate Realty. I would recommend Ultimate Realty to anyone. They are truly a blessing.”
~ Tu’Wonna D

I wanted to let you know that I have had a great experience renting from Ultimate Realty. Tiffany (Gerling) was great to work with during the whole leasing process. It was my first time looking for and leasing a house, and she made me feel at ease, even with my hundreds of questions. During my stay here the maintenance staff was very friendly and issues were taken care of in a timely manner. The only reason I am moving is to get my son into the Pattonville School District now that he will be starting high school. I wish you would have had a home available in that area! I would definitely recommend you to anyone that is looking to rent a home. Thank you so much.
~ Robyn M.

“My appointment was for 2-4pm today, March 26. I was pleasantly surprised to have Larry arrive shortly after noon today. He first repaired the bathroom sink; the drain thing had stopped going up and down with the thingie (I have NO idea what you call that thing!) that you use to lower and raise it. He then replaced the smoke alarm battery in the livingroom. Jim couldn’t do it when he was here Friday, because I had the dogs locked in the livingroom since he had to replace the battery in the smoke alarm in the bedroom. Today, the dogs were locked in the bedroom, so he hopped up and popped in a new battery. I have added a note in my calendar to replace the batteries next Spring. Live and learn! Larry went to work on the kitchen sink. It still wasn’t resolved after running all 25 feet down the drain, so off we went to the basement for access. He used his little “rooter” device after draining the water out of the access area, and ran his tool down the pipe. He hit an area somewhere pretty far down that pipe, and all of the water immediately ran out. He also checked the drain from the bathtub, and was able to clear a blockage in that pipe; it had been draining slow, but wasn’t stopped up like the kitchen sink had been. Everything is now running clear, for which I’m very grateful — I can now do my dishes again! I really appreciate the prompt attention to these issues. Larry was absolutely awesome today, and I can’t thank him enough for getting everything fixed for me. It’s so nice to have things working properly again! And I have no ideawhy everything went bad and gone all at once, but I guess that’s what happens in life sometimes. At least he got everything taken care of in one trip. I had the dogs locked in the bedroom while he was here, as Inky will bite strange men — she was abused as a very young dog, and is still terrified of men to this day. I let Manny out to see Larry, and the rest of the herd snuck out the door at the same time. I was absolutely stunned to see Inky wagging her tail and letting Larry pet her!!! So kudos to him for being a really good person, and Inky being able to recognize that in him. Many thanks for the prompt repairs! And that includes Jim coming over on Friday to replace the battery in the smoke alarm in the bedroom; the dogs and I spent the night in the livingroom, and I slept in my computer chair — UGH!!! I had the backache after that, so it was nice to be able to lie down and get my back feeling better. You guys are really awesome, and I really appreciate everything you do to take care of things for me. Many, many thanks!!!
~ Jo P.

“The folks at Ultimate Realty have been lifesavers for me. I’m an out of state investor who has an investment property in the St Louis area. After a full year with another property manager, I was extremely unhappy with the service I was given. I was referred to Ultimate Realty by another investor and my experience with Jim Richmond, in particular, has been outstanding. He’s very easy to get a hold of, very honest, and gives me updates of what’s going on all the time. This is critical for an out of state investor as he’s my eyes and ears for the property. My previous property manager was showing the rental in horrible condition and we went 3 months with a vacancy. That was when it was time to make a change to Ultimate Realty. I spoke with Jim Richmond over the phone and he immediately went to the property and sent me a lot of photos. I couldn’t believe how bad it looked. We invested a very reasonable amount of money into the property and Jim was able to get it filled in about 3 weeks. It actually would have been sooner, but I was very slow to get some things done with the gas/electric department which delayed an inspection Jim was pushing for. I’m extremely happy with their services and like I’ve said I always work with Jim Richmond. 5 BIG BOLD STARS for this company and JIM!”

~ Kevin P

“I bought my 1st house 2yrs ago with the help of ultimate reality I got amazing service and hands-on experience thank you, Terry for putting us in our dream home.”

~ Nathan C.

“Ultimate Realty backs their Property placement for rentals timely and efficiently.”

~ Elza B.

“I’ve been a tenant of Ultimate Realty for almost a year now. In the time I’ve lived in this house, I have been in awe of how responsive Ultimate Realty has been to any issues with this house. When I moved in early last summer, there was an immediate issue with spiders — and I’m terrified of spiders! An exterminator arrived within 24 hours, and the spiders were gone. I have dogs, so needed pet-safe treatment, since one of my dogs had a seizure disorder. I was so appreciative of the guy who came; he assured me that what he was spraying was pet-safe. I also had a plumbing issue last year, the drains were running slow, and that was immediately taken care of by a plumber who arrived within 48 hours. Just recently, the sewer backed up into the basement! I just happened to go down there late at night to do some laundry, so caught the problem really early. I put in an emergency work order late that night, and the drain guy was knocking on my door shortly after 8am the next morning. It was a blockage at the street that caused the problem, and it was resolved within a few hours after his arrival. And the latest issue was a problem with massive heating bills. Ultimate sent a technician to check the furnace, but I told them the problem was in the attic, since the snow melted off the roof within hours. And so it was! There was NO insulation up there at all!!! The attic was insulated within a few days, and the difference in the house has been dramatic.

I guess what I’m trying to say here, is that every single issue I’ve had has been handled very professionally, and resolved very quickly. The entire team at Ultimate Realty has been incredible in handling all of my needs, and I’m very happy with how well they’ve taken care of each issue that has arisen here. From the boss on down, they are an impressive group of people, and I can’t say enough about them. GOOD people, GOOD company, and I’m really glad I live here and have them to take care of things for me. Many thanks to everyone at Ultimate!!!”

~ Jo P.

“These guys are top-notch. They handle everything and make being a landlord incredibly easy. My only regret is that I wish I had found them sooner.”

~ Jason J.

“Ultimate Realty has always offered the best of service to me as a property owner. I travel to Texas every week, and I can’t be around to help my tenant with issues all the time. Ultimate Realty really helps with taking the stress away from me. When I was a kid, I never said that I wanted to be a landlord. With Ultimate there for me, I don’t have to be. They really are great at what they do, and I appreciate having them there for me.”

~ Andrew F.

“Very responsive to tenant needs. The online payment system is convenient. We haven’t had any problems with them.”

~ Jaime H.

“Reliable and easy to work with. The monthly and yearly reports are very helpful. Everyone I’ve worked with was friendly and made sure I was happy.”

~ Tim D.

“I have been with Ultimate for about 8 months as a property owner and so far so good. they are responsive to my inquiries and have one of the better processes for ensuring accounting and profitability for owners. They are very helpful in cleaning up a mess that started with a previous property manager that was fired due to their negligent attitude toward smaller volume owners.

They will be getting more of my business in the future!”

~ Michelle S.